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 greenhouse is to shield crops from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests. A greenhouse makes it possible to grow certain sorts of crops year round, and fruits, tobacco plants, vegetables, and flowers are what a greenhouse most ordinarily grows. The Benefits of a Greenhouse: A warm place to go in the middle of a cold, gray winter. Ability to grow belongings you wouldn't rather be ready to grow (exotic flowers, tropical fruit) No more battles with squirrels and insects. Do more of what you're keen on to try to, longer Add beauty and visual appeal to a landscape. The best vegetables to grow in a greenhouse are ones you'll eat or sell, & that thrive indoors: tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, lettuce & other greens, beans & peas, & cucumbers. Take advantage of cold-tolerant plants like greens during winter, and heat-tolerant plants like peppers during summer. A greenhouse may be a building with glass walls and a glass roof. ... within the daytime, sunlight shines into the greenhouse and warms the plants and air inside. At night time, it's colder outside, but the greenhouse stays pretty warm inside. That's because the glass walls of the greenhouse trap the Sun's heat.    

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