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 A chart is an information structure that is characterized by two segments :A hub or a vertex.An edge E or requested pair is an association between two hubs u,v that is recognized by one of a kind pair(u,v). The pair (u,v) is requested in light of the fact that (u,v) isn't same as (v,u) if there should arise an occurrence of coordinated graph.The edge may have a weight or is set to one if there should be an occurrence of unweighted chart.Applications:Chart is an information structure which is utilized widely in our reality,Interpersonal organization: Each client is spoken to as a hub and all their activities,suggestion and companion list are spoken to as an edge between the hubs.Google Maps: Various areas are spoken to as vertices or hubs and the streets are spoken to as edges and chart hypothesis is utilized to discover most limited way between two hubs.Proposals on internet business sites: The "Suggestions for you" area on different online business sites utilizes diagram hypothesis to prescribe things of comparable sort to client's decision.Chart hypothesis is likewise used to examine atoms in science and material science.More on diagrams:Qualities of diagrams:Adjoining hub: A hub 'v' is supposed to be contiguous hub of hub 'u' if and just if there exists an edge among 'u' and 'v'.Level of a hub: In an undirected chart the quantity of hubs episode on a hub is the level of the hub.  

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