Genome Sequencing Research Articles

 Genome sequencing is working out the order of polymer nucleotides, or bases, in a very genome—the order of As, Cs, Gs, associated Ts that structure an organism's polymer. The human ordination is formed of over three billion of those genetic letters.Today, polymer sequencing on an oversized scale—the scale necessary for formidable comes like sequencing a complete genome—is largely done by sophisticated machines. very much like your eye scans a sequence of letters to browse a sentence, these machines "read" a sequence of polymer bases.Sequencing the ordination is a vital step towards understanding it.At the terribly least, the ordination sequence can represent a valuable road, serving to scientists realize genes far more simply and quickly. A ordination sequence will contain some clues concerning wherever genes area unit, even supposing scientists area unit simply learning to interpret these clues.Scientists conjointly hope that having the ability to check the complete ordination sequence can facilitate them perceive however the ordination as a full works—how genes work along to direct the expansion, development and maintenance of a complete organism.Finally, genes account for fewer than twenty five p.c of the polymer within the ordination, so knowing the complete ordination sequence can facilitate scientists study the elements of the ordination outside the genes. This includes the restrictive regions that management however genes area unit turned on associate off, furthermore as long stretches of "nonsense" or "junk" DNA—so referred to as as a result of we do not however understand what, if something, it does.