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 An epigenome consists of a record of the chemical changes to the desoxy ribonucleic acid associate degreed simple proteins of associate degree organism; these changes is passed all the way down to an organism's offspring via transgenerational stranded epigenetic inheritance. A human being has trillions of cells, specialised for various functions in muscles, bones and also the brain, and every of those cells carries primarily an equivalent order in its nucleus. The variations among cells area unit determined by however and once completely different sets of genes area unit turned on or off in numerous styles of cells. Specialised cells within the eye activate genes that build proteins which will notice lightweight, whereas specialised cells in red blood cells build proteins that carry element from the air to the remainder of the body. The epigenome controls several of those changes to the order. When cells divide, typically abundant of the epigenome is passed on to succeeding generation of cells, serving to the cells stay specialised.