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 Environmental pollution is outlined as "the contamination of the physical Associate in Nursingd biological elements of the earth/atmosphere system to such an extent that ordinary environmental processes square measure adversely affected." Environmental Pollution welcomes top quality submissions on all aspects of environmental pollution and therefore the mitigation measures associated with system & human health, Pollution is that the introduction of contaminants into the setting that cause hurt or discomfort to humans or different living organisms, or that harm the setting, which might are available in the shape of chemical substances, or energy like noise, heat or lightweight. Pollutants are often present substances or energies, however square measure thought of contaminants once in way over natural levels. Environmental pollution takes place once the setting cannot method and neutralize harmful by-products of human activities (poisonous gas emissions) in due course with none structural or practical harm to its system. Pollution happens, on the one hand, as a result of the natural setting doesn't skills to decompose the by artificial means generated parts (i.e., evolution pollutants), and, on the opposite, there's a scarcity of data on the a part of humans on a way to decompose these pollutants by artificial means. it's going to last a few years throughout that the character can decide to decompose the pollutants; in one among the worst cases – that of radioactive  pollutants – it's going to take as long as thousands of years for the decomposition of such pollutants to be completed.

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