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 DNA sequencing is that the method of decisive the sequence of nucleotides (As, Ts, Cs, and Gs) in an exceedingly piece of DNA. In Sanger sequencing, the target DNA is traced again and again, creating fragments of various lengths. Fluorescent “chain terminator” nucleotides mark the ends of the fragments and permit the sequence to be determined. Next-generation sequencing techniques area unit new, large-scale approaches that increase the speed and scale back the price of DNA sequencing. Sequencing a complete order (all of associate degree organism’s DNA) remains a fancy task. It needs breaking the DNA of the order into several smaller items, sequencing the items, and aggregation the sequences into one long "consensus." However, due to new ways that are developed over the past twenty years, order sequencing is currently a lot of quicker and fewer dear than it absolutely was throughout the Human order Project. NGS technology has staggeringly sceptered researchers to seem for insights into health, anthropologists to research human origins, and is catalyzing the "Personalized Medicine" movement.

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