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 DNA profiling, also referred to as DNA fingerprinting, may be a highly advanced sort of genetic identification. A DNA Profiling and Fingerprinting Test is totally unique and nobody else can have an equivalent profile unless it’s a uniform twins case. Our peace of mind testing is fast and straightforward to perform during which our small, boxed DNA testing kit are often carried home (whereas legal DNA test would require a visit to our location). All you would like to try to to is provide us an oral swab sample to urge your DNA mapping finished peace of mind. Collection of samples for DNA test is painless process and involves swabbing the within of cheeks of relations with special & standard sterile swabs, just collect your samples and send them to us. After your samples are received, it'll take around 3-5 wokrking days to determine results. We make sure that all DNA profiles, samples and records are going to be kept confidential in our testing laboratory. Also, our client’s information stored in DNA database are often accessed only by authorized persons. The test we provide is 24 gene profile which will be used for legal or peace of mind purposes. We may reiterate here that test reports for medico-legal use are specially marked and have a special fee structure.  

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