Coccidioidomycosis is infection, sometimes of the lungs, caused by the plant life Coccidioides immitis. The infection is caused by eupneic spores of the plant life. the foremost common approach for somebody to induce coccidioidomycosis is by eupneic Coccidioides spores that ar within the air. In extraordinarily rare cases, folks will get the infection from alternative sources, such as: From associate surgical process if the donor had coccidioidomycosis. From eupneic spores from a wound infected with Coccidioides pulmonic valley fever is associate infection within the lungs caused by the plant life Coccidioides. valley fever is usually referred to as coccidioidomycosis. you'll be able to get coccidioidomycosis by eupneic spores from Coccidioides immitis and Coccidioides posadasii fungi. The spores ar therefore little that you just cannot see them coccidioidomycosis derives its name from its discovery within the San Joaquin depression of American state, wherever it had been additionally named as "San Joaquin depression Fever" or "Desert Rheumatism." The medical name for coccidioidomycosis is valley fever (often shortened to "cocci"  

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