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 Carcinogenesis also known as oncogenesis or tumorigenesis, .Carcinogenesis, a continuous mutations process that results in the formation of cancer cell. Mutations can be in by several agents like chemicals that are used in day to day activities and even through infectious agents like viruses. A cancerous cell can be characterized both morphologically and genetically. These cells are found to have chromosomal aberration in terms of genetically. Morphologically they are found to differ in cell size and shape, loss of specialized cell features and cell structure and ultimately loss of normal tissue organization. Publishing these in the form of articles is one common and best way followed in these modern times. These articles that are published undergo continues peer- review process before publishing. Peer-review is the process by which the articles are evaluated by 1 or more persons who are expertise in the same field. These kinds of methods are employed inorder to maintain standards of quality, improve performance and provide credibility.  

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