Cancer Journals

 Cancer Journals, an international interdisciplinary journal of the OMICS organization publishes high-impact, peer-reviewed authentic articles and solicited content on the latest medical research findings. Each problem of Cancer strives to be comprehensive, spanning the breadth of oncology disciplines and providing something for absolutely everyone worried in cancer studies, threat reduction, treatment, and patient care.   The journal focussing on innovative medical and translational cancer research, oncology coverage and education. The magazine aims to put up research in all disciplines of oncology along with experimental, translational, diagnostic and therapeutic areas associated with oncology. Article types consist of original articles, reviews, editorials and correspondence. The Journal is supposed to encompass that of multi-disciplinary researchers from any scientific discipline in which the primary awareness of the studies is to growth and integrate information about etiology and molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis with the ultimate aim of advancing the treatment and prevention of this an increasing number of devastating disease. To acquire these targets CJ will publish overview articles, unique articles and new techniques in cancer studies and therapy. It will also submit hypothesis, case reports and letter to the editor. Cancer Journals is satisfied to obtain and accepts clinical and laboratory-based research manuscripts relating to all factors of oncology. It may also provide statistics about oncology associated conferences and meetings being organised in South Asia in addition to globally.

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