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When people worry about eating undercooked chicken, they typically specialise in getting sick from salmonella bacteria. But another common sort of bacteria called campylobacter also can cause you to ill if you eat poultry that isn’t fully cooked.Like a salmonella infection, campylobacteriosis can cause diarrhea and sometimes other serious complications.Infants and youngsters have a greater chance than adults for campylobacter infection, but it can strike anyone at any age. Males are also more likely than females to become infected. It’s more common in summer than winter.About 1.3 million people are infected in the United States every year, and that doesn’t include the many people who never report their symptoms or become officially diagnosed. Causes Unpasteurized can even have campylobacter bacteria.Campylobacteriosis usually develops in isolated cases. Sometimes, though, there are often an epidemic when several people have an equivalent infection.In developing countries, the bacteria are often found in water and sewage systems. The infection usually lasts about a week. If you’ve been infected, symptoms start within a few of days of consuming the bacteria.The most common symptom is diarrhea. The stool may have blood in it. You may even be sick to your stomach and vomit. Other signs of infection include: Belly cramps Bloating Fever Some people never get any symptoms. When you have a weakened system , the bacteria can cause a really serious infection of your bloodstream.

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