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 Blood Clotting is the complicate process by which blood forms clots. Disorders of clotting can accelerate to an expanded obstructive clotting or risk of bleeding. Blood clotting is entirely diminished throughout biology; in all mammals, coagulation involves both a protein (coagulation factor) and a cellular (platelet) component. Subjection of the blood to proteins such as tissue factor begins changes to the plasma protein fibrinogen and blood platelets, a clotting component. Blood clotting is a necessary part of hemostasis, the discontinuance of blood loss from a damaged vessel, wherein a damaged blood vessel wall is secured by a platelet and fibrin-containing clot to stop bleeding and start repair of the damaged vessel. Journal of Blood clotting publishes the work related all blood coagulation diseases of all main medical and clinical classifications. Journal of Blood Clotting have a world class Editorial Board and preserves its quality publication with aid of its editors in Peer review process.  

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