Biodeterioration is defined as any undesirable change in the properties of a material caused by the action of biological agents such as fungi, beetle borers, termites, and marine borers. Biodeterioration of materials will take the shape of biocorrosion or biofouling. Corrosion of metals is believed to be associate chemistry method, which ends up in oxidisation of a metal to its compound and hydroxide thereby distorting the structural integrity of the metal. though the chemistry nature of corrosion remains valid, microorganisms influence metal corrosion by modifying the metal resolution interface through Biofilm formation, therefore there's microbially influenced/ elicited corrosion (MIC). Biological activities that stimulate the electrode reaction by acidic metabolites or the cathodic reactions by microbic production of cathodic reactants like chemical element chemical compound (H2S), the breakdown of protecting films or the rise in conduction of the liquid surroundings enhance corrosion. Corrosion could be a leading reason behind pipeline failure and could be a main part of the operative and maintenance value of gas business pipelines. Out of this, microbic elicited corrosion (MIC) accounted for regarding a pair of billion bucks. it's been calculable that four-hundredth of all internal pipeline corrosion within the gas business is attributed to microbic corrosion.  

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