Bio Threat

 Biothreatants are given priority in terms of their hazard potential by taking into account many factors, such as inhalation route of infection / toxication, infectious dose or toxicity, environmental stability, and therapeutic / prophylaxis availability. Many of these factors are intrinsic characteristics of the given pathogen or toxin and are not to be modulated under our influence. The ability to transmit immunity to an infectious agent to the human population and/or cure the disease greatly mitigates a possible hazard and, from a bioterrorism or warfare point of view, makes the agent obnoxious. Clostridium tetani for example and its neurotoxin are similar to Clostridium botulinum At least as regards the lethality of neurotoxins but the former is not known to be a possible selective agent for the availability of prophylactic steps and immunization regimes.  

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