Best Risk Management is the unmistakable verification, evaluation, and prioritization of perils followed by made and judicious use out of advantages for cutoff, screen, and control the probability or conceivably impact effect of heartbreaking occasions .It presents that the probability of an occasion happening can be decreased, or its results limited (NJOGO, BIBIANA OLUCHUKWU). OMICS Group International is an Open Access Publication organization which is pointing the quickening of revelation in the field of science, Technology and the executives the organization has 700+ friend looked into diaries in which Free-hazard the executives diaries is the a standout amongst other diary. Best - chance administration diaries are a Quarterly Journal which discharges its issue in a Quarterly way. In the year 2012 best Free-chance administration diaries was begun by OMICS Group International which has tremendous achievement rating from the day it began in the OMICS Group global. Best – risk management diaries in the OMICS Group presents the board field best and refreshed articles which are commendable in their articles, audit.

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