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 Medical diagnosis is the process of determining  the state and type of the  disease or condition that  explains a person's symptoms and signs towards the disease . It is most often referred to as diagnosis method  with the  help of medical context.  The process of Diagnosis a Disease includes the physical examination or collection of Test samples from the person. to seek the help of  medical care. Many and Advance  diagnostic procedures have been developed these days, such as medical tests, are also done during the process.In occoutional cases posthumous diagnosis is considered as a kind of medical diagnosis. Diagnosis is often Difficult and  challenging, because many  Diseases ,signs and symptoms are nonspecific and undiagnosed . Therefore, differential diagnosis in which several possible explanations  of the symptoms are compared and contrasted are must be performed. This involves the correlation of various  other symptoms and pieces of information followed by the recognition and differentiation of patterns. rarely  the process is made easy by  considering a sign or symptom (or a group of several) that is pathognomonic which help in early Diagnosis.    

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