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Bacteriology Journal may be a peer reviewed international scientific journal dedicated to publish novel analysis findings on all aspects of microorganism and alternative microorganisms. Scope of the journal includes: Structure and performance, plant biological science, food biological science, industrial biological science, bio-pesticides and bio-fertilizers, cell surfaces, genetic science and biology, population genetic science and evolution, plasmids and transposons, bacteriophages, physiology and metabolism, and enzymes and proteins, rising and re-emerging microorganism pathogens, and microorganism toxins. Medical specialty and Infectious Diseases incorporates articles from all facet of understanding associated with microorganism Ecology, microorganism Infection, infective microorganism, microorganism toxins, microorganism genetic science, Bacteraemia, Salmonella, microorganism Diseases, immunology, medical specialty, mycology, virology, parasitology, Parasitic Worms, Anthrax, Biological weapons, Clostridial infections, Leprosy, listeria meningitis, etiology, pathology, and pathophysiology of the contributing agents of infectious diseases. Identification and characterizing of microorganism being associated to diseases LED to advances in infective medical specialty. Koch's postulates compete a task into distinguishing the relationships between microorganism and specific diseases. Since then, medical specialty has had several triple-crown advances like effective vaccines, for instance, contagion bacterial toxin and tetanus bacterial toxin. There have conjointly been some vaccines that weren't as effective and have aspect effects for instance, infectious disease immunizing agent. Medical specialty has conjointly provided discovery of antibiotics.    

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