Bacterial Growth

 Bacterial growth is proliferation of bacteria into 2 girl cells, in a very method referred to as binary fission. Providing no event happens, the ensuing girl cells square measure genetically just like the first cell. Hence, microorganism growth happens. each girl cells from the division don't essentially survive The microorganism growth curve represents the quantity of live cells in a very microorganism population over a amount of your time. There square measure four distinct phases of the expansion curve: lag, exponential (log), stationary, and death. The rate of exponential growth of a microorganism culture is expressed as generation time, additionally the doubling time of the microorganism population. Generation time (G) is outlined because the time (t) per generation (n = variety of generations). Hence, G=t/n is that the equation from that calculations of generation time (below) derive Bacteria will board hotter and colder temperatures than humans, however they are doing best in a very heat, moist, protein-rich atmosphere that's hydrogen ion concentration neutral or low acid.


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