Anthraquinone Dye_

  Anthraquinone dyes are an abundant group of dyes comprising an anthraquinone unit because of the shared structural component. Anthraquinone itself is colourless, however red to blue dyes ar obtained by introducing negatron donor teams like radical or amino teams within the 1-, 4-, 5- or 8-position.Anthraquinone dye stuffs are structurally associated with indigo dyestuffs and ar classified in conjunction with these within the cluster of carbonyl dyes.Members of this dye cluster will be found in natural dyes still as in artificial dyes. Anthraquinone dyestuffs ar delineated in mordant and vat, however additionally in reactive and disperse dyes.They are characterised by excellent lightweight fastness.One of the foremost vital anthraquinone dyes of flavoring origin is pigment, that is extracted from the dyer's madder (Rubia tinctorum). pigment is that the eponym for variety of structurally connected dyes that use pigment dyes.The synthesis of most anthraquinone dyes is predicated on anthraquinone sulphonic acid or nitroanthraquinone , that is obtained by sulfonation or nitration of anthraquinone.Anthraquinone dyes embrace insect dyes derived from scale insects like carminic acid, kermesic acid and laccainic acids. The colorant carmine with the most part carminic acid is employed