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 Analytical pharmacological medicine is that the use of the whole vary of qualitative and quantitative chemical, chemistry, and physical techniques utilized in sample preparation, separation, assay activity, detection and identification, and quantification for the needs of toxicologic analysis and testing. samples of the objectives of such analysis embody deciding the amount of exposure to potential toxicants via air, water, or food; corroboratory exposure levels to doses for animals in experimental studies; deciding levels of xenobiotics and their metabolites in animal studies; and screening blood and water for the presence of illicit medicine or their metabolites. The designation and treatment of health issues iatrogenic by chemical substances and therefore the closely allied field of therapeutic drug watching consider analytic pharmacological medicine. Advances in analytic pharmacological medicine have additional each power and issues to pharmacological medicine, with the will increase in sensitivity and specificity. rhetorical toxicologists square measure scientists UN agency square measure liable for testing bodily fluids and tissue samples throughout autopsies searching for the presence of chemicals. Toxicologists add laboratories to perform tests on samples collected by crime scene investigators    

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