Short Communication - Advanced Materials Science Research (2020)

Electronic properties of two dimensional nanomaterials beyond graphene


After the groundbreaking impact of graphene, the scientific community is actively exploring twodimensional (2D) semiconductors âۥ beyond graphene for their promising application capabilities, often complementary to those of graphene. Different classes of 2D semiconductors have emerged in recent years: transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDs); monolayer black phosphorus; silicene/germanene; and IV-VI semiconductors. Many innovative applications, widely used in our daily lives, are based on the exploitation of collective properties of matter (ferromagnetism, superconductivity, the quantum Hall effect and plasmonic excitations). Therefore, the comprehension of collective electronic excitations is crucial in order to develop new disruptive technologies for health, telecommunications, energy etc. In particular, the novel field of plasmonics has recently emerged, in consideration of the progress of nanotechnology and nanofabrication. Then the talk will focus on understanding the electronic properties of Silicene and PtTe2 crucial to devise broadband photodetectors, ultraviolet-imaging applications, and plasmon devices.