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Research Article - Clinical Practice (Therapy) (2018) Volume 15, Issue 6

Body mass index: not a predictor for hiatus hernia of esophagus


Ali Asad Khan*, Ali Salman Khan, Yasir Shafi, Anam Ali and Sajid Abaidullah

King Edward Medical University, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Corresponding Author:
Ali Asad Khan
King Edward Medical University
Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
E-mail: [email protected]

Retraction Note

The article entitled “Body mass index: not a predictor for hiatus hernia of esophagus” has been accepted for publication in the Clinical Practice (Therapy): Open Access considering the statements provided in the article as personal opinion of the author which was found not having any conflict or biasness towards anything. As the article was a perspective one, information provided by the author was considered as an opinion to be expressed through publication.

Publisher took decision to make the article online solely based on the reviewers suggestion which considered the article not but a personal opinion of the author. However, it is found that the author have some personal concerns and issues, therefore, being retracted from the journal.

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