Wound Healing Effect of Acokanthera schimperi Schweinf (Apocynaceae) Methanol Leaf Extract Ointment in Mice and Its invitro Antioxidant Activity

Author(s): Belete Kassa Alemu

Background:Acokanthera schimperi is traditionally used for the treatment of wounds and various bacterial infections. Due to the ongoing escalation of antimicrobial resistance, there is an increasing demand for the appropriate wound care and hence, the present study was initiated to investigate the wound healing effects of the leaf extract ointments of A. schimperi in mice and its in-vitro antioxidant activity.

Methods:The crude extract was prepared as 5% and 10% w/w ointments for topical use in mice. Wound contraction and epithelialization period were determined in excision and infected models, whereas tensile strength was determined in an incision model. Besides, its antioxidant activity was evaluated using the DPPH method