Ultraviolet Rays and Diabetes – Let the Sunshine In

Author(s): Karl J Neeser

Diabetes is a disease of chronically high blood glucose. It comes in two forms: Type-one, in which there is damage to the islet cells of the pancreas. This is usually due to an autoimmune response, and the damage avoids production of insulin responsible for eliminating glucose from the blood. Type-two, in which insulin is produced, but blood glucose remains high due to insulin resistance. Type-two, is by far the most common type. As with heart and vascular disease, a paucity of sunlight is probably not the main cause of either type of diabetes as other factors may contribute to it, like deleterious nutrition habits, primarily high meat consumption,1,2 sugar consumption,3,4 low consumption of fruits and vegetables, and too many fried foods.5 Stress, lack of sufficient sleep or exercise may also play a role.6,7 However, sunlight may act as the main prophylactic against either type of diabetes.

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