The Significant Role of Weekly Taxol for a Stable Disease and a Higher Progression-Free Interval in Recurrent Gynecological Malignancies: A Large Retrospective Monocentric Study

Author(s): Rosalba De Nola*, Michele Ligorio, Vera Loizzi, Ettore Cicinelli, Gennaro Cormio

This is a monocentric retrospective study (N 96): All the patients had relapsed gynecological cancer (ovarian, peritoneal, endometrial, cervical) and received weekly taxol as salvage therapy. Platinum resistance and platinum partially-sensitivity were associated with a higher odds ratio to die, whereas the squamous histotype was characterized by higher survival rates. Cervical cancer predicted a higher progression-free interval. A number of previous chemotherapies ≤ 3 predicted a lower survival. The toxicity profile was acceptable with leucopenia (12.6%) and anemia (18.4%), rarely of grade 3. Weekly taxol is a valuable rescue therapy in relapsed advanced gynecological tumors with a good response outcome.