Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 Inhibitor Luseogliflozin Treatment Reduces the Declining Speed of Kidney Function in Patients with CKD Stage G5 Diabetic Nephropathy

Author(s): Hiroyuki Terawaki, Takafumi Ito

Here we report our experience with respect to the prescription of the Sodium-Glucose Cotransporter 2 inhibitor (SGLT2i) luseogliflozin in patients with CKD stage G5 Diabetic Nephropathy (DN). A total of 5 patients with DN with severe kidney dysfunction estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR); 6.18-14.82 mL/min/1.73 m2 prescribed luseogliflozin (2.5 mg/day) in addition to the already prescribed drug. After that, the declining speed of GFR (mL/min/1.73 m2/year) decreased in all cases, from -9.03 ± 10.43 to -2.28 ± 0.73, and the degree of reduction was correlated with the declining speed of GFR before treatment. All patients were able to select their preferred modality of Kidney Replacement Therapy (KRT) through a shared decision-making process before starting KRT. We believe that the use of the SGLT2i is beneficial for patients with DN even in CKD stage G5.