Restoring the Inextricable Link between Work Health and Survival of Civil Society: Nanotechnology Addressing Covid 19

Author(s): Ilise L Feitshans

As predicted by the USA National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) report to the President of the United States in1999, nanotechnology has revolutionized how science views physical properties of matter and thus has revolutionized commerce by offering new products and ways to package and transport those products that seemed like science fiction a century before. Heralding a fourth industrial revolution, nanotechnology in everything from mascara lipstick, packaging, instant clothing, 3D printed housing, nanomedicine and meat grown in laboratories in outer space has impacted health rights and health care from cosmetics to the cosmos. Nanotechnology increasing travel in global commerce may, if unfettered by nanoregulation, present civil society with unacceptable levels of risk. Nanotechnology and nano-enabled medicines also make possible rapid telehealth communication at home, in-home ehospital monitoring, transfer of data in remarkably large quantities, implementation of new risk communication models and galvanize scientific collaboration without regard to borders or geographic differences.