Regulation of Sanguification Stem Cells and Dietary Treatment

Author(s): Ajay Kumar Mishra

Sangification stem cells (SSCs) are essential for the survival of an organism. However, the mechanism of SSC control is complicated. Studies have shown that there are various intrinsic or extrinsic factors that shape the profile of SSC. This review provides a review of the function of SSC, the intrinsic factors (that is, RNA-binding proteins, modulators of epigenetics, and enhancer-promoter-mediated transcription) that have been reported to play important roles in bone marrow transplantation therapy and those responsible for SSC. We systematically summarize their relationships. It also presents current research on the effects of a high-fat diet and nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, etc.) on the regulation of his SSC, and provides an in-depth discussion of his SSC research in the future.