Pulse Pressure in Diabetic Microalbuminuric Adults: An Observation from a Single Centre in Eastern India

Author(s): Hariballav Mahapatra, Rajesh Kumar Padhi, Abhay Sahoo, Monalisa Khuntia

The prevalence of diabetes and diabetic complications are increasing exponentially day by day. People developing one type of diabetic complication are prone to develop another type of diabetic complication as the basic pathophysiologic mechanisms behind their development remain the same. We aimed to study the pattern of pulse pressure and its associated factorsamong type 2 diabetic subjects with microalbuminuria. The study was conducted at a specialized diabetes care facility in Eastern India involving 260microalbuminuric diabetic adults aged between 18 to 70 years.Our findings showed a higher prevalence of wide pulse pressure in 84% of the participants. It suggested that wider pulse pressure was associated with male gender, elder participants and those with elevated HbA1c. Subjects in the upper half of microalbuminuria chart exhibited wider pulse pressure than those in the lower microalbuminuric range. Nosignificant correlation was found between pulse pressure and fasting blood in this study. 

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