Programmable electronic synapse and nonvolatile resistive switching in MoS2 quantum dots

Author(s): Anna Thomas

Large bit density memory devices are the need of the current CMOS technological era.At the same time, for the post Moore’s law era, all the future artificial intelligence circuits are looking for scalable e-synapses. Two dimensional nanostructures provide high mobility devices and the scalability of the devices in lateral dimensions. In this work we report non-volatile bipolar resistive switching of MoS2quantum dots (QD’s) synthesized by liquid phase exfoliation method without any insulating layer with device configuration FTO/MoS2 QD/Al. The device exhibits good endurance and data retention with an ON-OFF ratio of 104. The corresponding SET, RESET and READ voltages are -1.9, 2.2 and 0.5V respectively. Read voltage for our device is small as compared to the existing MoS2 based memory devices. More interestingly, we have demonstrated the e-synaptic performance of devices comprising MoS2 QD. Similar to our biological synapse, Paired Pulse facilitation/depression of short- term memory has been observed in our e-synapse. This work also reveals the ability of a e-synapse to function as a band pass filter.  This work suggests that MoS2 QD based memristor has a potential application in ultra-high-density storage as well as artificial intelligence circuitry in a very cost- effective way.