Patients’ satisfaction in governmental Egyptian emergency departments

Author(s): Noha Rashed

Introduction: Patient satisfaction is one of the core objectives of health care facilities and an indicator of how well the patient is being treated. It refers to the quality of care while a growing factor in the effectiveness of hospital services. More and more hospitals are starting to pay attention to patient experience Aim: To identify the aspects of satisfaction of patients and their families in both adult and pediatric governmental Emergency Departments and their recommendations of improvement. Methods: Cross section survey using (Brief Emergency department Patient Satisfaction Scale (BEPSS). The sample size was 300 patients, 150 from adult emergency at Mansoura hospital and 150 from pediatric emergency at Bannha hospital as a convenience sample. Result: The waiting time in the adult ED ranged from (5 minutes to 120 minutes) and most admissions were at the morning shift. While at the pediatric hospital the waiting time ranged from 5 minutes to 100 minutes) and most of admissions were at the afternoon shift. The results showed that the main domain in BEPSS in adults was respecting patient’s family while in pediatric it was the nurse’s care about treatment. The main recommendation of improvement in pediatric ED was modifying the procedures while in adult ED was training the physicians.