Parenteral nutrition with enteral nutrition for severe acute pancreatitis

Author(s): Niwedita

Nutritional management in severe acute pancreatitis (SAP) is controversial regarding the appropriateness of enteral or parenteral nutrition in the management of patients with severe acute pancreatitis. Here, we evaluate the therapeutic effect of a gradual combination of parenteral nutrition (PN) with enteral nutrition (EN) on PAS. Clinical data of 130 cases of PAS were analyzed retrospectively. In which, 59 cases were treated with integrated nutritional support (Group I) and the remaining 71 cases were treated with PN ascending combination with EN (Group II). The APACHE II score and IL-6 level were significantly lower in group II than in group I. Complications, mortality, mean length of hospital stay, and cost of hospitalization in group II were 39.4, respectively. %, 12.7%, 32.9 days and RMB 30,869,412,794.6, significantly lower than that of group I. The cure rate of group II was 81.7%, which is obviously higher than that of group I. 59.3% in group I. Findings. This study indicates that the combination of PN with EN may not only improve the natural history of pancreatitis, but may also reduce morbidity and mortality.