Paediatric orthopaedic nurses in hospitals

Author(s): Jordan Gideon

Due to a lack of formal education programmes that assist the growth of knowledge, paediatric orthopaedic nursing as a subspecialty of nursing has issues in Australia and the rest of the world. Despite these difficulties, it is nevertheless essential to guarantee the availability of skilled and knowledgeable nursing staff in order to improve the quality of healthcare outcomes. It is now necessary to create education programmes that are administered locally. Benner's "theory of novice to expert" has been used to design a multi-tiered paediatric orthopaedic nursing transition programme that combines work-based learning processes with formal assessment components in order to facilitate the development of experts in the clinical setting driven by the needs of specific clinical settings. The implementation of this programme has boosted nursing staff members' trust in the clinical context, which has improved the care provided to kids and their families in the orthopaedic department.