Overview of lipid-lowering management characteristics in Mexico: Barriers and challenges to overcome

Author(s): Manuel Odin De los Rios-Ibarra, Jose Luis LeivaPons, Marco Antonio Alcocer-Gamba, Francisco Padilla-Padilla, Abel Pavia- Lopez, Enrique C. Morales-Villegas, Leslie Marisol Lugo-Gavidia

There is now overwhelming evidence supporting the cardiovascular benefits of lipid control. However, despite international recommendations, there is still a big proportion of patients that do not achieve proper lipid control. This outcome is of special interest in low and middle-income countries where higher cardiovascular risk has been reported. Different barriers complicate lipid management in Mexico. These include non-medical determinants of health, risk factors, disease distribution, socioeconomic resources and the health system. In this article, we provide an overview of the characteristics and challenges involved in achieving appropriate lipid control in the Mexican population. Providing a depth understanding of the patient and healthcare system barriers aid to facilitate the development of more effective strategies for improving lipid management according to the country’s necessities and resources.