Origin of Life's Chirality

Author(s): Michael T Deans

The stage move at 72K in ice XIc obliging water molecules’ unpredictable tetrahedral shape I found in 1967 reestablishes the certainty in science measuring c challenged. Shaping in polar pools of N2 amid a primordial ice- age, fluctuating temperatures discharged inactive vitality as λ ~4μ laser light. Different reflections polarized it and deoxynucleotides on tropical water surfaces were polymerized, making chiral DNA extraordinarily clarifying life’s beginning. ‘Transport DNAs’ sharing tRNA’s H-bond-lined pores concentrate life’s fixings in coacervates. Imitate tDNAs started life. DNA’s soundness makes it life’s likely antecedent. ‘Differentiation DNAs’ selecting tDNAs control cells slim down and tissue specialization. Nine pathways conveying follow components as carriers control the digestive system. Mutant tDNAs and dietary shortages account for horribleness. ‘Minion’ DNA/ oligopeptide complexes optimize chromosome replication. They work as organic clocks, chips-in-the-brain and atomic combination reactors. Flunky rationale reinterprets 20th century logical adages. Thunderous cavities couple chemical to mechanical vitality efficiently