Optimization of the Properties of Low-Frequency Composite Magnetic Soft Material Based on Iron Powders

Author(s): I V Timoshkov, G A Govor, A K Vecher and A O Larin

In recent years, many centers have been intensively researching soft magnetic composites (SMC) based on the use of soft magnetic particles, usually based on iron, with an electrically insulating coating on each particle. The main purpose of the low-frequency composite soft magnetic material is the construction of high-efficiency inverter electric motors with inverters, transformers, inductors and other devices for which the working remagnetization frequency significantly exceeds the industrial frequency. In this regard, the basic properties of a composite material such as magnetic permeability, magnetic induction, remagnetization losses and mechanical properties should be better than traditional laminated metal magnetic materials. Currently, Somaloy powders (Hoganas company) obtained using special iron powders and phosphorus oxide based insulation are offered as commercial composite soft magnetic materials. However, individual parameters, first of all, losses on remagnetization, as well as their high cost, do not quite satisfied consumers.