Nursing support for a patient with a chronic neurological pathology

Author(s): Sarra Ben Jeddou, Amani mehrezia Khezami, Imededdine Ben Jeddou*, Samia Aboudi, In�?¨s Bedoui

Introduction: Today, the impact of chronic neurological pathology on the patient is heavy on several levels. This makes nursing support a pillar in the care. The nursing role is a pivotal role but remains little valued. Hence the aim of our work is to assess the nursing role in supporting patients with chronic neurological disease.

Methods: This is a descriptive and analytical study that looked at the evaluation of nursing support for patients with chronic neurological pathology. We conducted a questionnaire with 50 nurses working in different departments of the Main Military Hospital of Instruction in Tunis and at the Mongi Ben Hamida National Institute of Neurology.

Results: More than three quarters of the interviewees worked at the Main Military Instruction Hospital in Tunis and a quarter worked at the Mongi Ben Hamida National Institute of Neurology. Concerning the patient, strokes were the chronic neurological pathologies most reported by nurses, 16%. While migraine, headache, epilepsy was reported less than 15% different. The majority of our population, 80%, found the integration of the patient in the therapeutic process to be important. Less than half of the population found that the caregiver/caregiver relationship is mainly based on respect. While trust, communication and listening were found to be less than 30% different. Eighty-two percent of the population questioned stated that there is no training aimed according to our work, we must conduct a field survey since their behavior should be assessed with a more objective eye by an evaluation grid of the support of a patient in neurology and a checklist in order to guarantee the efficiency of the management of paramedical personnel and increase the reliability of our results.