Nursing Innovation at its Best: From scorecards to dashboards at an International Hospital!

Author(s): Rajasperi Naicker

Introduction: Sidra Medicine provides children and women with outstanding tertiary healthcare services in an innovative and ultramodern facility especially designed to promote healing. This high-tech facility located in Doha boasts world-class patient scientific expertise and educational resources. In addition, being academic in nature, actively teaching the next generation of physicians and clinicians in partnership with degree granting local institutions. This content illustrates initiatives to achieve JCI accreditation in 2019. Undertaken as a Green Belt initiative, the aim of this project was to determine current status of compliance of Life Support certifications, specifically as a minimum, BLS certifications for all Nurses and Midwives. The objective was to identify with stakeholders available repository options which are cost-effective but suitable for on-going monitoring and auditing purposes