Nurses elevate your expertise beyond the bedside

Author(s): Lakel Ebb

1. Learning objectives: During this presentation I will discuss the following: 2. Nurses Increase their professional presence beyond traditional healthcare settings. 3. Through entrepreneurship nurses gain a voice to improve nursing practice. 4. How nurses use their skills and knowledge to create a healthier population and promote quality of care through Business. 5. The need to participate in efforts to elevate more nurses into leadership and business. Nurses are overworked, underpaid and lack the flexibility and freedom to have a satisfying work life balance. There is an increasing number of nurses who are with using their talents and expertise to transition into entrepreneurship. This transition from what we know as traditional nursing has become the new aged business model for nursing practice. The current state of healthcare in the United States and the climate of healthcare reform have led nurse entrepreneurs to focus on alternative models of care to provide patients and clients with a higher quality of life at more affordable prices and often with quicker access. This presentation will address how nurses leverage and transform their expertise into a profitable business. Going from the bedside into business can be challenging and many nurses need a proven system on how to use their skills and ideas to build a solid foundation for business. The Wealthy Nurse Business system teaches nurses how to leverage their nursing knowledge into a product or service that they can sell to increase their influence.