Neoadjuvant Clinical Trials Update for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Author(s): Xinjin Guo*

Despite the high rates of treatment response, aggressive triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) has a terrible prognosis. This situation emphasizes the necessity to create new medicines and/or treatment plans to lower the mortality linked to TNBC. In comparison to the usual adjuvant paradigm, the neoadjuvant environment offers a model for quick evaluation of therapy efficacy with lower patient accruals and over shorter time frames. The term “pathologic complete response” already exists in this context as a crystal-clear surrogate endpoint for enhanced survival. The current findings from finished and ongoing neoadjuvant clinical studies for TNBC are reviewed here. Another crucial research method for identifying chemotherapy resistance mechanisms and fresh therapeutic targets is tissue analysis in the neoadjuvant setting. In this article, we examine data from completed and continuing neoadjuvant clinical studies in patients with TNBC and talk about the challenges researchers and physicians encounter when using neoadjuvant chemotherapy.