Nanotechnology: Known Science with Potential to Explore the Unexplored

Author(s): Nisha Singhania

Nanotechnology is the science and engineering associated with the aim to synthesize, characterize, and apply materials and devices where at least one dimension is on the nanometer scale. At nanometric scale, individual molecules and interacting groups of molecules in relation to the properties of the bulk material or device becomes important, since it governs the fundamental molecular structure that regulates over the physicochemical properties. Nanomaterials can be synthesised using two approaches, top-down, and bottom-up. The choice of approach depends on the target application, the nanomaterial is required for. The nano-morphologies are another interesting area of research resulting from the efficacy of different planes to react. The characterization techniques aid in selection of specific nanomaterial for the various applications. The advancement in characterization techniques are proven to highlight those properties of nanomaterials which were not revealed earlier due to instrumental limitations. In this presentation, I will be discussing the different synthesis methods, the characterization techniques and their contribution to various sectors namely human health, environmental remediation, and energy sector. .