Morphology of Silver Particulate Films on Polymer Composite

Author(s): Pratima Parashar Pandey

The morphology of silver particulate films, can be characterized by their size, size distribution, shape and inter-particle separation. These can be modified by blending of polymers along with the amount of silver deposited. on them. Polymer blends (PS/PVP/ P2VP/P4VP) were prepared through solution blending by mixing in a common solvent, Dimethylformamide (DMF). and distilled water. at room temperature. Blends of polymer composite with different compositions ranging from 0 to 100 % were prepared. Silver films of various thicknesses were deposited on these polymer composites held at 457 K in a vacuum better than 8 × 10−6 Torr at the deposition rate of 0.4nm/s. Morphological studies were carried out by Optical absorption spectra and Scanning electron micrographs of the silver particulate films.