Management of patients with acute coronary syndrome during the emergency COVID-19 pandemic: Italian association of hospital cardiologists experience

Author(s): Fortunato Scotto di Uccio, Serafina Valente, Furio Colivicchi, Adriano Murrone, Pasquale Caldarola, Andrea Di Lenarda, Loris Roncon, Enzo Amodeo, Nadia Aspromonte, Manlio Gianni Cipriani, Stefano Domenicucci, Giuseppina Maura Francese, Massimo Imazio, Stefano Urbinati, Michele Massimo Gulizia, Domenico Gabrielli

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a global health emergency. In Italy, the number of people infected by SARS-COVID-2 is rapidly increasing and what emerges from the current data is that the majority do not present any symptoms or only minor flu-like symptoms. In a patient presenting with ST elevation (STEMI) myocardial infarction or STEMI-like, if positive to COVID-19, the reperfusion therapeutic strategy depends on the local organization and on the possibility to access without delay a PCI COVID Center, on the basis, obviously, of the risk/benefit assessment of the individual case. However, we advise to try pursuing, in the first instance, the mechanical revascularization strategy, according to the available local possibilities.