Left main PCI in a peripheral centre in India: A unique challenge

Author(s): Gurunath Parale

Aims/Objectives: To study the feasibility, outcome of ULMPCI in a peripheral centre.

Methods: 83 consecutive patients from February 2008 till September 2019 who underwent PCI of left main coronary were included in this study. Data of all these patients with regard to clinical presentation, procedural details and follow up was obtained. Syntax and Euroscore was calculated in all patients. Primary endpoint was MACCE (mortality, stroke, and revascularisation).

Results: Mean age of the patients was 64.3 years, and majority of the patients presented with ACS 54(65%). Majority of patients had multiple risk factors 58(69.9%) and also renal failure 63(75.63%). Mean Syntax score was 23.61 and mean euroscore 36.04. A cumulative MACCE rate at the end of 5 years was 17/83(20.5%). Mean event-free survival was 7.2 years. Except Euroscore which predicted MACCE at 6 months no other parameters including Syntax score were predictive though lower syntax score had higher event free survival.

Conclusion: PCI of left main coronary artery in challenging environment of a peripheral centre is feasible with comparable results and many times life saving