Investigations on the Interaction Behaviour among Direct Reduced Iron and Various Melts

Author(s): Mheann Pascual

Since the European Union described bold CO2 emission targets, low-carbon-emission options to the huge incorporated blast furnace (BF)—fundamental oxygen furnace (BOF) steelmaking strategy—are demanded. Direct discount (DR) with herbal fueloline because the decreasing agent, already an industrially implemented era, is such an alternative. Consequently, the melting conduct of its intermediate product, i.e., direct decreased iron (DRI), in both an electric powered arc furnace (EAF) and a submerged arc furnace (SAF), is of incredible hobby. Based at the situations in those aggregates, a take a look at collection to experimentally simulate the primary few seconds after charging DRI became described. DRI samples with distinctive carbon contents and warm briquetted iron (HBI) had been immersed in excessive- and low-carbon melts in addition to excessive- and low-iron oxide slags. The reacted samples had been quenched in liquid nitrogen. The specimens had been qualitatively evaluated with the aid of using investigating their surfaces and pass sections. The dissolution of carbon-unfastened DRI stepped forward incredibly slowly and became pushed with the aid of using warmth transfer. However, carbon, gift both with inside the DRI pattern or with inside the melt, now no longer simplest improved the dissolution procedure, however additionally reacted with residual iron oxide with inside the pellet or the slag.