Investigating and implementing best health practices in women health nursing 2020: Lactation nursing

Author(s): Marion Johnson

Statement of the problem: Research has pointed out that breastfeeding is one of the best approaches that can be used in boosting nutrition and overall health for infants. Breastfeeding has also been determined to be benefi cial to the mothers as attributed to the overall improvement of health. Notably, breastfeeding is linked to a reduced risk of the mother contracting ovarian as well as breast cancer. This phenomenon is attributed to the fact that the breastfeeding process allows for the shedding of breast tissues and subsequently eliminating the cells with potential DNA damage. A similar trend is refl ected in the case of the ovaries where there is delayed ovulation, an aspect which is attributed to breastfeeding. Ostensibly, ovarian and breast cancer have been the major health concerns for women today, and as such, being able to prevent the occurrences of such diseases can be a signifi cant step towards the improvement of their health. Besides the alleviation of cancer risks, breastfeeding has also been determined to be benefi cial to the women, given the fact that it enables for the reduction of postpartum bleeding. This aspect is often a signifi cant challenge for women during birth.