Hydrocarbons: Chemical Properties of Carbon Black Stable Dispersions

Author(s): Cruz Ferreira*

Carbon black (CB) is a diverse and interesting material from an industrial point of view, mainly as component of composites, reinforcing material, and as a pigment. These matrices need suitable techniques for establishing morphology, chemical and physical properties, and potential transformations of CB in order to ensure a proper performance in several scenarios of use. With increasing global applications, CB flows into the environment during its lifecycle. Thus, sample analysis and CB characterization in environmental and health matrices are mandatory. One of the key parameters for analysis is sample preparation, mainly focused to achieve CB stable dispersions. Measurement techniques are generally based on image analysis and spectroscopy. The growing application and the need to fully understand CB performance, have led to the development of separation methods. This review summarizes the main aspects of CB spotlighted in the wide variety of matrices and analytical techniques. A discussion about the achievements and goals in the field is done.