Epidemiological survey consideration concerning foodborne infection in Romania

Author(s): Liana Monica Deac

Foodborne infections are costly and almost preventable public health world problematic during 2015-2019, it was realized an epidemiological survey with selective observations for 203 Foodborne diseases appeared in Transylvania - Romania. It was obtained even a clinical study, many case interpretations and conclusions of all relevant appeared situations. The results, figured out that most cases appeared in adults with several chronic illnesses and male in 56%, from rural side 57%. The pathology was present after family events, when food contamination occurred probably at any point, from: production, processing, distribution, or any meals preparation with: eggs, milk and meat products. There were several disease forms, from simple one in 70%, middle one in 22%, to severe who arrived in totality to 8 % and needed even hospitalization days. Food- born infection were caused by: Salmonella spp in 67%, mostly Salmonella enteritidis in 29 % and 14% were determined by Staphylococcus aureus. To protect people from foodborne infections, there is important to survey correct each chain of food production, processing, transportation, handling, and all preparation steps. Correct hand washing means anywhere a lot, in the illness prevention activity.