Encouraging young men\\\\\\\'s participation in mental health research and treatment: perspectives in our technological age

Author(s): Louise A Ellis, Kathryn L McCabe, Kitty A Rahilly, Mariesa A Nicholas, Tracey A Davenport, Jane M Burns & Ian B Hickie

Young men have traditionally been under-represented in mental health research, which has had significant implications for the validity of reported findings and for the delivery of effective mental health services to this group. Innovative strategies are needed to recruit young men to mental health research and treatment. The internet, and in particular social media, offer a promising new way to engage with young men around their mental health. Youth participation approaches also offer the potential to enhance young men’s engagement with research and mental health services. In this article we draw on our experience with these approaches, we discuss their potential strengths and limitations and describe opportunities for technology-based engagement with young men on issues of mental health.