Efficacy of biodegradable sustained release dermal patch using ayurvedic drugs in the management of infected wound

Author(s): Manoranjan Sahu

Wound and its management has been a prime concern in Indian Traditional Medicine i.e. Ayurveda. Sushruta the father of Indian surgery has described more than 100 medicinal plants for their beneficial effect in wound healing. Panchvalkal, a compound drug obtained from barks of five plants (Ficus benghalensis L., Ficus racemosa L., Ficus religiosa L., Ficus lacor Buch. Ham.,Thespesia populnea.) has been accredited to be useful in wound management at various stages in ancient texts. Dermal patch technology has greater advantage over other wound healing preparations for its minimum side effects, controlled and fast drug release. Amongst the dermal patches, scaffold has greater advantages over films, cream, gel and dry powder of (drug) because of its porous structure which helps in greater aeration and exchange of metabolic waste of the wound. To ensure a better drug delivery at the local site, the plant extract (Panchavalkala) has been used to prepare electro spun hybrid scaffolds using biodegradable polymer matrix. The drug loaded dermal patches were evaluated experimentally as well as clinically and found effective in moderately infected as well as diabetic wounds. This presentation will deal with the drug delivery and efficacy of this novel device (scaffold) in the management of moderately infected wound.